Banana Daiquiri
House special rum with fresh bananas topped with whipped cream.

Strawberry Daiquiri
House special rum with strawberry mix topped with whipped cream.

Frozen or on the rocks with tequila, triple sec, and garnished with a lime.

A snowy concoction of white rum with coconut and pineapple blends.

Blue Hawaii
The blue color of this enchanting vodka creation will conjure up memories of romantic Waikiki nights.

Tahitian Sour
Brandy and tropical fruit mixed with passionate spices.

Navy Grog
Barbados and Haitian rum. Famous for it's special witch blend.

Mai Tai
Facinating mixture of our secret Martinique  and Jamaican rum.

Blend of vodka, lemon, and lime.

Hilo Sour
Bourbon, crushed orange and lemon flavors.

Flaming Volcano (for 1 or 2)
This tropical mixture is sure to please your senses with it's display of fire in the center of this volcanic drink. Contains rum mixed with fruit juices and other house secrets

Salem Szechuan Spirits
Coco Loco
Coconut flavoring with a devilish mixture of special gin and coconut milk.

Long Island Iced Tea
Vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, and sweet & sour mix topped with a splash of cola.

Lover's Potion
Management not responsible.
Rum, brandy, and juice mixture.

Suffering Bastard
A spectacular nlend of exotic potions.
Mixtures of rum, brandy, and fruit juices.

Molokai Sour
A wonderful blend of scotches and fruit flavors.

Concubine Special
Arouses the inner soul. Contains mixtures of brandy, rum, and juices.

Tingling blend of Hawaiian/Tahitian rums, brandy nectar and a whisper of almond.

Plantar's Punch
A lightly commendable concoction. Contains rum, grenadine, and juices.

Yellow Bird
Light vodka, sweet coco & banana taste.

Head Hunter Swizzle
This enticing beverage contains 151 proof rum with fruits and liquors.

Tiki Tumbler
An exotic mixture of rum and tropical fruits. Contains various rums and fruit mixes as well as a slight hint of almond.
Wine & Beer List
Red Wines

Arete Cabernet Sauvignon
Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvaigon
Rosemount Shiraz
Yellow Tail Merlot
Sterling Vinters Collection Merlot
Ecco Domani Merlot
Mossback Pinot Noir
White / Blush / Special

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio
Prince Michel Charddonnay
Kendall Jackson Charddonnay
Yellow Tail Chardonnay
Berringer White Zinfadel

Gekkeikan Sake
Kikkoman  Plum Wine

Beer (Domestics & Imports)

Tsing Tao       (China)
Kirin               (Japan)
Corona           (Mexico)
Heineken        (Holland)
Beck's           (Germany)

Bud Light
Miller Light
Michelob Ultra
Coors Light